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I just slid shut the cover to what is probably the most accomplished and enthralling work of fiction I've ever read.

And it's not written by Neil Gaiman.

The book is The Somnambulist (a fancy word for "sleepwalker" for those not equipped with the proper lexicon) and it delivered unto me everything I dared hope awaited me at the end of its twisted plot and more. I can't even begin to sing its praises.

If Sherlock Holmes wandered into Neverwhere, met the American Gods along the way and in the end, did battle with a mad cult lead by none other than Victor Frankenstein you might have some idea of how magnificent a ride I was just taken on. Also, the narrator is, in fact, a main character of the book and you'll never guess which one.

This book has earned a place of honor on my shelf. Its shined new light for me on the kind of degenerate ravings that can really be accomplished using the english language. My future works with be all the more impossible and grandiose for the reading of it. Here's to you, Somnambulist, here's to you!
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Brynna just informed me that we both went to high school with Mindy Main. Weird. I mean, really...that's just. A little disturbing I've got to say.
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I found this AMAZING "web comic" which is more or less a series of kind of disturbing photographs married to highly disturbing text. It is one of those things that makes me giggle with insane glee. I think I could read it for hours.
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Holy shit, boys and girls. Straight from the brain of Joss Whedon into your gleefully waiting hands comes a new series...I love that beautiful man!
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Hello, Whovians. I just rustled up a chestfull of shocking secrets which may or may not be true about the future of everyone's favorite timelord.

1. The finalle of this season (fourth of the new) will fall on the 45th anneversary of Doctor Who and as such will be a battle that will put the battle at cannary warf (Daleks VS the Cybermen at the end of season two) to shame. I've heard the following enemy forces mentioned in this final showdown: Davros, the Sontarans, the Daleks obviously, Cybermen, the Master...oh, and so much more!

2. Donna Noble may be a sleeper agent for The Master! I was just thinking the other day how interesting it would be to have a traitor join the TARDIS. Roumor has it that The Doctor's newest companion, Donna Noble is a pawn of The Doctor's arch nemesis.

3. This one's not a roumor: there will not be a season five of doctor who...sort of. Instead of a season five, there will be three TV movies. At least one of these is roumored to be a movie starring everyone's favorite companion (except for mine) Rose Tyler.

4. Its been very, very strongly roumored that they're going to do another multi-doctor story almost certainly featuring at least Tom Baker and Peter Davidson (and, really, what else do you need?)

5. At the end of the last TV movie in "Season Five" David Tennet's Tenth Doctor will die :-( and regenerate into the Eleventh, who is quite possibly going to be played by Robert Carlyle. Look him up if you're curious.

Note that everything listed above is roumor only and even if it is true at the moment, is subject to change (for example, Robert Carlyle is in negotiations to play the eleventh doctor. If that goes south, it could be someone completely different.)

I'll keep everyone posted.
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I read through the majority of Brubaker's run up to the point where James Barnes becomes the new captain america (I'm not calling that poor bastard Bucky. I think after all the shit he's been through he deserves that much at least.)

Now, I know a lot of people dislike Barnes in the role of Captain America, but my gut feeling goes the other way. Watching Barnes struggle with Steve Rogers' death and all the other misery that's been heaped upon him was moving to me. The fact that as Captain America, he does things his way doesn't bother me. The fact that deep down Steve Rogers was really a good person and that deep down Barnes is really not is no cause for alarm for me. I mean for christ sake, at least they didn't make the Punisher the new Captain America.

James Barnes is, I think a perfect symbol for modern America and I mean that with absolutely no disrespect. He's confused, angry, hurt and lonely but beneath all the blackness there's something good there shining through. Bucky deserves his chance to redeem himself, just like everyone else. That's what makes him the perfect Captain America: the fact that he's on the road to redemption with us rather than shaking his head disapprovingly from the mountaintop whilst still garbed in the illusion of glory that americans still perpetuate about warriors of world war two. I say we give him a chance to find out what it means to be a hero again. Isn't that what we'd want for all of us?
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It baffles me that so many Who fans are all hung up over Rose Tyler. Rose Tyler is not that great. I don't think she's really as jaw droppingly beautiful as people say she is. She always gave off kind of a teenage cheerleader vibe to me with her too-small sweaters and bright pinks and purples. Not to mention the fact that she's practically the english equivalent of trailer trash. Her biggest character development was realizing at the end of series one that she couldn't be lazy and not give a shit about things, which is hardly overwhelming as far as revelations go. She's a sweet girl, but lacking a bit in depth I would say just as a person.

Whereas from the moment I was introduced to Ms. Martha Jones, I was in love. She's smart, sophisticated, adventurous (my favorite bit of dialog in any who eppisode I think, DOCTOR: There might not be any air out there. We might die. MARTHA: We might not. DOCTOR: Goooooood, come on then!) I don't know...personally, I'd much rather have Martha to keep me company. Martha went through the Family of Blood for the Doctor. Martha fought the Master by herself for a year for the Doctor. I mean, the frickin' Master! Maybe I just see her as the Sydney Carton to Rose's Charles Darnay.

Well, I guess at the end of the day we call all just agree on the fact that both of them are infinately preferable to Donna bloody Noble. I hope she doesn't ruin series four for me...
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Alright, I've officially hit rock bottom in my superhero fandoms. I found a Fantastic Four cartoon that I love. I mean, come on! Watch this intro and tell me that's not cool. I love that retro spy movie theme thing they've got going too.
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I got my 360 back and there was much rejoicing! (yay.) Here are the games that I have aquired for it since then with a current progress update.

Mass Effect: Bought it, beat the game as a complete goody two shoes paragon.

Halo 3: Rented it, almost beat it. Will buy it soon.

Assassin's Creed: Bought it, but still haven't started playing it since I played it so much on the ps3 already.

Call of Duty 4: Barrowing it from my brother till he gets me my fucking copy of Bioshock back! Beat it.

Devil May Cry 4: Bought it (and love it!) Not even close to beating it.

I wish my room was big enough to house all the stuff for rock band. *sigh*

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I haven't said anything about my political beliefs for a long time. The time wasn't right. Nobody carried a message I had any interest in. Over the last few days, as I did research in each of the canidates, that has changed.

Tonight, Washington State went to Barack Obama for the Democratic canidate and I couldn't be more pleased. Though I am a moderate, its not Obama's bipartisanship that appeals to me most. Though I am a futurist, it is not Obama's tech-savvy vision of the future of the American Government that appeals to me most. Though I am an outspoken defender of fairness and justice, it is not Obama's stout refusal to take contributions from lobbyists and interest groups that appeals to me most.

It is the hope that I can see spreading across the sea of faces and resting in his words when he speaks to a crowd. It is the trust he seeks in America. It is that he speaks of healing the nation and of healing the world.

Not too long ago, I fell down, fell apart. But I picked myself back up and made myself better than before because I knew that I could do better. That is what Obama sees in America. He sees a great land that can do better.

I don't agree with Obama's policies one hundred percent, after all, I'm not on his payroll and even if I was I'd like to think he'd listen to me if I disagreed. But see, that's the difference between Obama and other politicians. I can imagine him caring about what I think. I can't imagine that of Hillary Clinton or John McCain.

You can do it, Obama. Do it for all of us. Beat them hollow. I trust you.
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